About TD

British. Wireless. Design

A British company founded, and still run to this day in Suffolk, England.

If it's good enough for Ed Sheeran, it's good enough for us.

The Basics

Above all our focus is the Design, Finish and Quality of our products. Gone are the days of tech products being just that, 'Techie'. We believe you can have all the function AND all the style. We are talking premium Vegan Leather Tops, Aluminium bases in a choice of finishes to match your personal taste  - and an overall minimal luxe look to smoothly and elegantly integrate into your lives.

Faster is Better

Because who has time to waste? Our chargers are designed to work at all fast charging speeds: 7.5W, 10W 15W*

With this amount of power reaching your phone you want to rest assured nothing can go wrong - this is where our quality control, and choice of materials used really comes in. We integrate features like Sensory Device Detection, Temperature Regulation and Energy Control Management as standard.

*The charger will only put out the energy the device is capable of receiving. For example Apple devices currently charge up to a rate of 7.5w where as some Android devices will charger up to 15w speeds.

The Personal Touch

Want to come and see us in person, try out our products and just have a bit of a chat? Make sure to stay up to date on our events and show cases HERE.


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